Applications for Woodbury Earth Day Now Available

Local merchant Livin' Country to participate again in 2014
Local merchant Livin' Country to participate again in 2014
This year's Woodbury Earth Day will take place on Saturday, April 26, 2014, from 11am to 4pm at a NEW location, Woodbury Middle School. This will be the 20th year that Earth Day has been celebrated in Woodbury, CT and the third year the event is being brought to you by the Woodbury Business and Economic Development Committee, and sponsored in part by New Morning Market.

This continues to be the largest Earth Day celebration in Connecticut to date, as this event drew more than 130 vendors and exhibitors, and an estimated 6,000+ visitors who enjoyed the day in 2013. The park was filled with demonstrations, music, food, entertainment and education.

The committee is seeking the participation of vendors and exhibitors who share in the vision of preserving a sound environment and supporting a sustainable lifestyle.  Please visit www.woodburyearthday.org to download your application and submit it at your earliest convenience.

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Voice of Reason February 06, 2014 at 06:08 PM
Moved from Hollow to Middle School? Poor choice!
Jerry Plant February 06, 2014 at 08:45 PM
It is unfortunate that the Park and Recreation Commission and the Business & Economic Development Committee both approved and permitted the Earth Day Event to be held once again this year, as it has successfully been held for the past two years at the Hollow Park, utilizing the park, the river-walk for educational purposes and the Hollow Pond for canoeing. The First Selectman seems to have over-ruled them ???? So that baseball can have their opening day on Saturday instead of Sunday. Sunday was an inconvenience for them ?? They prefer Saturday (more favors). I guess instead of the river-walk, visitors can walk around the asphalt parking lot wishing there was a river to be educated about and a pond to put their canoes in. Won't feel very earthy being on an asphalt parking lot. Hmmmmm , Asphalt Parking lot and Earth Day Celebration!!! Something doesn't quite sound right with that !! It will definitely not be the same. Very unfortunate! A lot of unhappy vendors and attendees. Perhaps all the vendors and attendees can use their imagination and pretend that they are not on asphalt celebrating Earth Day. That's what happens when you have favors to repay.
Jerry Plant February 06, 2014 at 08:55 PM
The Northwestern Connecticut Visitors Bureau ( Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism - Connecticut Economic Development Commission CEDC ) conducted a survey in 2012 & 2013 during the Earth Day Event (see survey). The survey concluded, that the Earth Day Celebration generated $400,000/yr. (WOW !) worth of revenue for the area businesses in the Town of Woodbury ( real economic development), while being held at the Hollow Park. Additionally, the Park and Recreation Commission last year generated $250,000 worth of misc. revenue for the department (which the BOF swept all of into the General Fund and the commission and department saw nothing for their efforts ), swept along with all the Maintenance Fees charged to the parents and organization for the field maintenance costs. Then, Larry Moe and Curley let two Park and Recreation Commission Members with Masters Degree in Park and Recreation go and replaced them with ??????? and ?????????. Is there something terribly and really wrong with the administration and the going on here in Park and Rec.?? It will be interesting to see the numbers that the Park and Recreation Department puts up this year. Who will be blamed?? Perhaps we can bring Leslie back (another favor). We taxpayers can ill afford to pay for this nonsense. Hold onto your wallets.
Jerry Plant February 07, 2014 at 01:34 PM
Last year Earth Day Celebration was held on a Saturday. When it was over, the facilities were readied for opening day of baseball on Sunday. Both went off without a hitch. The businesses in town shared a great deal (much needed) of economic development, and the kids had a great time playing baseball on a well groomed facility. It's called cooperation.
Voice of Reason February 07, 2014 at 06:54 PM
Speaking of taking money out of Woodbury. Pabalive should move his business into Woodbury so the Town can benefit from his tax dollars. Of course, Woodbury's Mill rate is a touch higher but fair is fair.
Sean February 07, 2014 at 07:35 PM
I am amazed one of the Butterly trolls actually defended this one.
Jerry Plant February 10, 2014 at 03:33 PM
Why not play on Sunday like the baseball organization did last year and the year before that! I did look into how WBS submitted their application for the field usage this year. It appears that after all of these years, you have failed to realize that it is the Park and Recreation Commission who reviews and approves the applications (according to the Woodbury Charter) for the field usage, and not the Director of Park and Recreation Department. It also appears that WBS failed to appropriately submit their application to the Park and Recreation Commission and gave their application to the Director, and she failed to forward the application to the Commission for their review and approval. It was because of the temper trantrum that occurred after that, that New Morning decided to move. Shame, shame! Don't blame them. Perhaps in the future you need to learn how to follow policies and procedures, and submit your application to the appropriate board, and perhaps this confusion would not have occurred in the first place. It appears that you suffer from a serious case of, "I", "Me", "Mine". Do us all a favor and grow up. Stop acting like a spoiled brat. Not setting a very good example for your children. I have children that play baseball and is not a problem playing on Sunday. After all, It has been done this way for the past two years without any problems at all.
Sean February 11, 2014 at 09:01 AM
We all know King William I and company have no regard for the Charter. Butterly probably has to run this by his handlers to get proper approval. Where is Richard Snider and the Democrats demanding the Charter be followed? They screamed bloody blue murder when Stomski was in office. Oh wait, selective outrage by the Democrats yet again.
Jerry Plant February 11, 2014 at 03:12 PM
It appears that we agree that additional ball fields are needed. Why is the $250,000 swept out of the money that Park and Rec. Generated. Seems like that would go a long ways and not have to be charging the taxpayers. I believe your statement that you have to pay for every activity at the park? Who are you paying for these activities? I believe it goes into the baseball group coffers. Here is a good idea. Instead of it going into the group coffers, give it up and the town will have ample money to build fields, and the taxpayers (especially the ones who don't use the fields) won't have to keep footing the bill.
Jerry Plant February 11, 2014 at 03:35 PM
By the way. For the Patch Readers. How much does your baseball group charge for each individual child to play baseball ? How much is paid to the town ? $5.00 ? Seems somewhat unfair that the taxpayers foot the maintenance bills and the group pockets the activity fees that you claim you pay.
Sean February 12, 2014 at 08:14 AM
More personal attacks from Pabalive. Now Jerry needs medication? Does the anonymous poster have any professional credentials to make such a claim? Not likely. God forbid baseball is played on Sunday. Those poor parents are inconvenienced. Here is to unity.
Jerry Plant February 13, 2014 at 08:08 AM
Ok. I have taken my medication and am very calm today. Thanks Pabalive. I am still waiting to hear from you how much you and your group charges for each child to play baseball on the town owned fields. How much of that money goes to the town? As a group you use the facilities for free, (NO CHARGE). I know that there is a small $5.00 fee to help off-set the maintenance cost. However that is barely enough to buy the First Selectman's coffee and doughnut. So let's work together so we can figure out how to spend some of that groups money, that the town never sees, and we can install some new athletic facilities, and perhaps you can bring along the soccer group also. I hear that they are setting on roughly 100K of funds. Wouldn't be nice if we could all work together, say in UNITY, spend some of that cash and we as taxpayers won't have to continue footing the bill. By the way, how in earth did these groups ever convince the town that this was a good idea. I have some Florida swamp land that I wish to sell and I think the leaders in town may be ripe for this sale.
Jerry Plant February 13, 2014 at 09:55 AM
You can’t make this stuff up. In this episode of TOWN HALL, we find Larry, Moe and Curley again repaying favors by removing an approved known successful event to accommodate others who feel inconvenienced? It amazing that New Morning Natural Food is already advertising and taking deposits for vendor spaces for this year’s Earth Day Celebration at Middle School, where they have been forced to go. It appear that Larry, Moe and Curley forgot to tell (or ask) the Zoning Commission that they were doing this? Larry, Moe and Curley have decided that the Middle School site which is not zoned for this type of activity, will be the host this year to 6,000 attendees and vendors? It is amazing that no application was filed with the Zoning Commission prior to making this executive decision, no site plan filed, no sign off from the health district, nor the resident trooper? So we ask? Where do they propose to set up all the vendors on this site, park all of the cars bringing these 6,000 attendeess, determine how many and where the sanitation toilets are to be placed? Any consideration given regarding the traffic flows in and out of the facility? What streets are being used? Who is carrying the insurance? Is there a Certificate of Insurance issued somewhere, from someone, or even letter from the school district stating that they will permit this? Did the school board even discuss this event and did they provide a letter of support? Are the police going to be directing traffic? Where? What intersections? How many police officers? Is there a review and/or report from the resident trooper’s office, reviewing and commenting? Does this event require a public hearing? I believe that the neighbors in the surrounding area of the school may think it does. Curious as to the town’s liability regarding hosting an event that is already being advertised as though it has received all of its permits and approvals? Is there any liability to the town should a Zoning Permit not be issued for this event, and money and business transactions are already taking place? These potential vendors may believe that there are permits already in place. You'd be hearing from my lawyer if you took my money as a deposit, and I spent more money preparing for an event that might not happen. Perhaps the town administrators will look the other way on this one and not require a Zoning Permit at all. I know, you can just change the Charter. And, where is the Selectman who was the previous Zoning Chairman, with all of his years of experience in all of this? No Zoning Permit? Really! Lastly, would the town afford someone like Rod Taylor of Woodbury Ski and Racket the leniency in its application process? If he were to advertise an event with 6,000 anticipated attendees with no application? Or in this case no application nor permit. The Zoning Commission and town would be issuing all sorts of Potential Notice of Violation’s’ or a Cease and Desist Orders to him for non-compliance of the Zoning Regulations and for putting the cart before the horse. Oh yes, I keep forgetting, “Do as I say, not as I do”. That's how repaying favors work. Stayed tuned for the next episode of TOWN HALL. You can’t make this stuff up.
Jerry Plant February 13, 2014 at 06:59 PM
Side effects from the medication. Here let me simplify it for you. I am still waiting to hear from you how much you and your group charges for each child to play baseball on the town owned fields. How much of that money goes to the town.
Sean February 13, 2014 at 11:14 PM
This leads to an interesting question. Is Pabalive making some money that Stomski would have put a stop to? If that is true, then it would not be the first person who was getting something that he/she should not have. I have noticed this a lot with Butterly supporters. I guess he is making offers or people think he will cover for them.


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