Woodbury-Bethlehem School District's Director of Finance Resigns

Jim Reese, Region 14's director of finance and operations, is reportedly resigning effective Aug. 14.


After just a year serving the Woodbury-Bethlehem school district, Jim Reese, Region 14's and , is reportedly resigning effective Aug. 14.

Reese's departure was announced during a July 16 Board of Education meeting, at which new board officers were elected, according to a recent report in the Litchfield County Times.

“I am retiring," Reese told the Litchfield County Times. "I am not going to be working going forward. I have been thinking about it for the last couple of months.”

Reese added that he wanted to take time off from work "to get back in good health." He said he had originally planned to work for the district for "six or seven years and retire." The report does not state his age.

According to the report, board member George Bauer was elected chairman, John Chapman was elected vice-chairman, Sophiezane Bartlett was elected secretary, Gary Suslavich retained his position as treasurer, and Mary Anne Van Aken retained her position as assistant secretary-treasurer.

For more check out the Litchfield County Times report.


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