Whiz Kid: Emmalee Levesque Helps Children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy

The Woodbury Middle School eighth grader goes above and beyond the call of duty, her teachers say.


Ask anyone and they will have the same answer -- Emmalee Levesque goes above and beyond what she has to do.

In her three years at , teachers took notice and recently nominated her for the eighth grade Superintendent Award.

"Emmalee is an exceptional student," said WMS Science teacher Mary Barta.

Academically, she is at the top of her class, Barta said, but added that it is her ongoing contribution to the class discussions, questioning of new ideas and her ability to work well in groups and independently that makes this Bethlehem resident a standout in the middle school community.

The Superintendent’s Award is given to students in Region 14 in the fall. Levesque was one of two eighth graders selected for the Superintendent's Award after being nominated by members of the middle school staff. Requirements include academic achievement, leadership and the contributions to the Woodbury Middle School community.

"It makes me proud to be awarded this," Levesque said. "It is based on who you are, if you do well in school and how you help out in the community. I am proud."

Principal Alice Jones said Levesque is an involved student.

"She is a great student who exemplifies the best of Woodbury Middle School," said Jones.

In addition to her high academic achievement, Levesque is an avid runner and participates on the WMS Cross Country team. She has also participated in the drama club and yearbook club.

She has played softball through the and experimented in gymnastics and dance. She is currently taking a pilobolus  dance class at the After School Arts Program in Washington.

Levesque is also a volunteer for the CCD program at the Church of the Nativity. She has been involved in Scouts since first grade as a Brownie and most recently completed her Silver Award as a Girl Scout.

For her Silver Award, Levesque took on a service project to create awareness and help children with a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA. She made felt blankets for children with this condition and spoke about the condition at various places.

According to her mother, Marcie, Emmalee met a little girl named Emma with SMA when she was younger and doing a pageant called Naturally Elegant and Simple. While the desire for pageants faded, her daughter’s desire to help children like Emma didn’t.

"She always wanted to do that something extra to raise awareness for SMA and Emma," Marcie said.

Her daughter is a conscientious student whose good grades come from her very hard work, her mother said.

"She is always willing to learn," said Marcie. "She is a good person and good friend."

Barta said Emmalee is well respected by staff and peers.

"I have no doubt that Emmalee will accomplish whatever she sets her mind to," she said.


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