Study: PHS Produces Successful, Prepared College Students

Pomperaug 2010 graduates averaged a 3.04 GPA in their first year of college.


When Region 15 students walk across the stage at Pomperaug High School upon gradation, it appears they are leaving with more than just a diploma.

According to a report presented to the Region 15 Board of Education, graduates of PHS are making smooth transitions and excelling at the next level.

For the third consecutive year, Pomperaug alumni attained a strong Freshman Grade Point Average, with the PHS Class of 2010 boasting a 3.04 GPA at the end of their first year of college, a mark similar to the previous two classes. 

Dr. Susan Carroll, president of Torrington-based Words & Numbers Research, Inc., presented the conclusions of her study on the performance of PHS graduates from the Class of 2010. The district hired the research company to determine the students’ academic readiness for their first year of college.

The study examined how PHS students performed beyond high school and how prepared they were for the rigors of university study. To do so, researchers examined the students’ official academic transcripts at the end of the second semester of college, including the Freshman Grade Point Average and total number of college credits accumulated.

Seventy-three percent, or approximately 232 of the college-bound graduates, gave PHS permission to retrieve their first year college transcript.

By selectiveness of institution, the highest averages were achieved by graduate’s enrolled at the most competitive schools. Students at four-year schools achieved a Freshman Grade Point Average of 3.09. The number of credits on average reflected a full course load, which makes the performance on Freshman Grade Point Average additionally impressive, according to Carroll.

This was the third year that Words & Numbers Research, Inc. has reported on the PHS graduates’ transcript results. Researchers found no major disparity between the Class of 2008, 2009 and 2010 samples.

“There were no statistically significant differences among the three groups as far as Freshman Grade Point Average,” said Carroll. “When you have corroborative findings like this, you can put faith in the data.”

According to Carroll, the data from 2008, 2009 and 2010 suggest that Region 15 is producing college-bound graduates that can perform successfully during the first year of college and the transition from high school to college appears to be smooth for the students.

Region 15 Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank Sippy said he plans to continue the study for future graduates.

Mean College Grade Point Average for PHS 2010 Sample and
by Student Subgroups

Credit: Words & Numbers Research, Inc., Torrington, CT



2010 Grades in Sample


By Competitiveness (Barron’s Guide)

College GPA

Most Competitive


Highly Competitive


Very Competitive




Less Competitive


Special (pharmacy)


By School Type and Control

College GPA

4-year school


2-year school


Public institution


Private institution


By Student Characteristics

College GPA





Asian, Black, Hispanic





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