Region 14 Requests Continued Police Coverage

The Bethlehem-Woodbury school system modified its school schedule to accommodate those wishing to attend the memorial services of Dawn Hochsprung and Rachel D'Avino.


Dear Faculty, Staff, and Citizens:

In my effort to keep you informed, I’d like to share the following:

I have requested continuing police coverage at our four schools through the end of the week. I appreciate the steady support we have received from the Selectmen from Woodbury and Bethlehem to make this happen. I know their continuing presence is important to the community, and I appreciate their efforts in making this happen.

Just a reminder that we will be on a modified schedule Wednesday and Thursday in support of those who wish to attend Dawn Hochsprung and Rachel Davino’s wakes at Munson-Lovetere Funeral Home in Woodbury.

Community members and visitors may use the parking spaces available at both Mitchell Elementary School and Woodbury Middle School for their convenience. Volunteers are organizing ways to ensure those waiting on line are as comfortable as possible.

Woodbury’s First Selectman anticipates there will be thousands of people wishing to attend. The open space adjacent to the cemetery on Washington Street will be used as staging for the media and overflow parking. If you are not attending the wake on both days, you may want to avoid these areas if at all possible.

Building principals have been actively securing their buildings ensuring their staff follow all safety protocols and building accessibility remains as limited as possible. They have been communicating with parents informing them of the changes they’ve instituted while asking for their cooperation and tolerance for the inconvenience these changes may cause.

Facilities Director Mike Molzon will be going to each building with a locksmith to devise a plan to ensure all teachers have keys to their classrooms and to address all matters related to locks and security. Teachers and staff members are compiling lists of concerns to be addressed.

These past several days have brought profound sadness, fear, and confusion to our communities, our state, and our nation; indeed the events of Monday have reverberated around the world.

At a time when we expect to embrace the joy and bustle of the holiday season, we live with the violent imagery and tough questions resulting from this assault on these most innocent of victims.

While I will continue to keep you informed of our continuing work in securing our schools, I look forward to the long term cooperative efforts among our community members, town officials, and professional and support staff to ensure the lives taken from us will not be in vain.

Thank you for your continued support.


Jody Ian Goeler
Regional School District 14

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