Region 14 Board of Ed Chair Says: "We Hear You"

Chuck Cosgriff wants residents to know the board is listening, especially with regard to the agriscience program.


After Region 14's budget came before voters for the third time and , Chuck Cosgriff thanked the voters for their support.

But the work is not done.

"We have other issues to handle," said Cosgriff, after the polls closed at the Senior Community Center. 

He said the board never really got answers about what the driving force was behind the "no" votes.

But, Cosgriff said the Region 14 Board of Education got the message from the community, that funding issues related to the vo-ag program at Nonnewaug High School need to be explored.

He said a meeting will likely be scheduled within the next week.

"The meeting will be to discuss funding issues, not the program itself," said Cosgriff, adding that there was some talk amongst the community about the board focusing on the latter.

The next regularly scheduled Region 14 Board of Education will take place at 7:30 p.m. Monday, July 16, in the Nonnewaug High School library.

Readers, what do you think the driving force was behind the "no" votes? Tell us more in the comments section.

Diana June 27, 2012 at 05:04 PM
I'm tired of footing the bill for Bethlehem. Woodbury will see an overall mill rate increase of a little over 2% while Bethlem receives a decrease in their mill rate ? (the .6 increase is deceiving) We ALL use the schools equally - and so should be paying for them equally. Period. I don't care what the percentage is of students - it's irrelevant. I agree with Lisa that the consolidation should have remained. Having separate schools has caused a rift between the towns for many years and will continue to do so. I also think that with the declining enrollment, that there should not be an increase in the budget. It's not right that while the majority of people have seen little to no increase in pay over the past few years but because of contracts, administrators continue to receive their increases each year despite the town not being able to afford it. Cuts in programs are made that affect the kids them selves, when instead I'd like to see administrators say hey, I don't need that 3% increase this year on my 100K plus salary - put it toward the programs for the kids. But that will never happen. I believe the Vo-Ag program needs to stay. It is a uniquie program and is a benefit to the students. My vote was no because I feel the current methods of determining how much each town pays is outdated and unfair. I cannot afford these continued increases while Bethlehem receives decreases.
Diana June 27, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Another item I would like to have seen actually added - is a bus for after school programs. There are so many programs that would benefit all of the students, but most cannot participate because they have no way of getting home. Most of us have to work for a living and can't leave 3 hours early to pick up children from things such as the homework club no matter how much we would love to. I know a lot of people who live in other towns who have this service. It's frustrating because not having this transportation is a real detriment to the students. Instead of adding more administrative staff - put that money into things that actually benefit the students.
Sean M June 28, 2012 at 02:54 AM
Diana, you are more than welcomed to pay for the buses yourself. At what point does this attitude of send the bill to everyone else end? I can stomach teaching classes and maybe sports, but I have to then subsidize after school activities? Enough of this entitlement mindset. If you want to be home to drive your kids here and there, then have one spouse work and live within your means.
Diana June 28, 2012 at 03:41 AM
And what if I disagree with teaching sports ? Why should I pay for sports ? You are more than welcome to pay for all those future basketball and soccer stars yourself. And a homework club that is designed to help students that are struggling , that is not available to those who are unfortunate enough to not make enough money to have one parent stay home is an after school entitlement ? An afterschool bus would benefit ALL kids who stay after for everything - arts, music, sports, and extra help with school work. With the costs of things today, very few people can afford to have one spouse work. I do live within my means BTW. You don't know my living conditions - so please don't speculate. It's rude.
Diana June 28, 2012 at 03:46 AM
Perhaps you would rather pay for my welfare entitlement so I can stay home to pick my kids up after school? I prefer to work and earn my living. What about single parent families ? ANd in case you hadn't noticed - I've been voicing my opinion against such large increases in the budget


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