Go the Distance for Scholars To Benefit Woodbury Scholarship Fund

The event will take place in September 2012.


The Woodbury Scholarship Fund recently met to discuss preparations for the upcoming

This event will take place during the morning of Saturday, September 29, at the Middle- Complex, Woodbury.

There will be fun activities for the whole family including biking, running, walking, children's events and raffle items.

Pictured from left to right first row are Walter Kazmierski, Registration Chairman; Patty Knowlton, Refreshment Chairwoman; Cameron Gardella, WSF President and Event Organizer; and (back row) Dana Manzi, Raffle Chairwoman; Paul Hinckley, Marketing Chairman; Pat Gage, Facilities Chairwoman; and Mary Smith, Merchandise Chairwoman. Those wishing to volunteer and/or fill out a registration form may visit www.wsf-gothedistance.org.

Editor's Note: The press release came from Marketing Chairman Paul Hinckley.


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