A Note To "You" (the gun owner)

The gun culture in America must change.


On one day, in one American town 13 times as many people (27) were murdered by gun than were murdered by gun (2) in one entire year (2006) in Japan, a nation of 127,000,000 people. And yet we dither. The warning from the Right is that “they are coming for your guns.” This is partially true (we’re coming for some of them) except that “they” is actually “we,” and “you,” whether you know it or not, are actually part of that we because that we includes family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens, which is not nearly as nebulous an entity as your favorite bogeyman “the government.” We the people are coming. And you, as a person who may have no respect for government, need to respect that.

We are told that we must come to you now politely and with respect to gain your support or at least your lack of resistance to the new set of laws and regulations that, hopefully, will soon apply to the guns you covet and worship. I for one am in no such mood. Accountability is a big word in your dialectic, and in your unyielding attitude toward gun ownership in America, and in your support of the NRA I am holding you accountable for enabling the gun-available environment that led to the mass slaughter of children in Connecticut, to name but one incident. You will resist this characterization because you are a sportsman or a hobbyist or a perceived self-defender who is merely exercising your 2nd Amendment rights. You are innocent. But you are not. What you’re guilty of is indifference, in the face of brutal statistics (31,000 gun deaths per year in America), to the mayhem inflicted on your communities, near and afar, by your stubborn affection for guns.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” That is correct. That is why severe limitations on gun ownership and access to guns must be in effect in the United States. The reality of our imperfect and increasingly violence-tolerating culture (if you visited another world and witnessed children entertaining themselves with virtual games of shooting and death, would you view them as peace-loving or something else?), is something you can no longer ignore. That reality, not your connection to times past or to the glowing mythology of guns in America, demands an adaptation and a response to the killing power of modern guns.

This much I know. If I had a tradition, activity or even a need that involved guns, and I saw what guns at large had done to my country, I would gladly limit or compromise my access to guns for the greater good. Not to do so would be disgracefully un-American and insupportable, but most of all selfish. As good, responsible and deserving as you think you are, our society is peopled by many who are hostile, irresponsible, uncontrollable, ill-trained, and imbalanced. Efforts to control or monitor those members of society have and will always fall unacceptably short. That leaves guns as the controllable variable in the American equation of death by guns.

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cheryl February 26, 2013 at 03:45 PM
great that some ONE is standing for our freedoms and liberties. Good job...
Donald Borsch Jr. February 26, 2013 at 03:52 PM
@Ed P., No, no, no, Bill Ayers is not a villain, Ed. He's a hero. A true, patriotic, free spirited American hero. He supports our President, Ed. They are friends. How dare you cast dispersion upon Mr. Ayers and President Obama by default. Mr. Ayers' actions were done out of a love of America, not a hatred for it. Um...sure. Ha! :0
Donald Borsch Jr. February 26, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Prof Her. Molon Labe, "Jimmy". LOL!
Donald Borsch Jr. February 26, 2013 at 03:58 PM
brutus, If they can limit the Second Amendment in their mad rush to "do something", does this mean they can limit Free Speech using the same illogical emotionalism? Which Amendments of ours within The Bill of Rights is safe?
summer June 06, 2013 at 08:12 AM
All the anti gun persons want to strip are rights away next comes the nonsense. The real problem is clothing . If all people were nudists no one would have a place to conceal a gun .We would all be able to see anyone who had a weapon on them . Donald Borsch Jr. February 25, 2013 at 09:30 pm Dear gun control advocates- Answer this question with a reassuring YES, and I will immediately recant my position and donate my time and efforts to any anti-gun group going: Can you propose or implement or enforce any gun-control legislation that will stop people in CT from shooting one another? -------------YES-its called enforcement of curent laws on record . Also having people transfer all guns with a licenced FFL dealer and letting the FFL do the back ground checks . Not allowing people whom have mentally challenged people in the family to have guns . A 30 day stay in a mental facilty for anyone thought to be dangerous . Not letting police decide whom is dangerous or not but arresting people who do dangerous things like comming on a person property or who are stalking and watching other persons . Watch the news one police officer stated that by the time they responded to a person breaking and entering into your home . You would most likely be killed by the intruder so best to defend yourself and family . How would you handle the situation of someone in your home with a weapon ?


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