Woodbury Voters Approve Two Quit Claims

The votes took place fairly quickly at a Woodbury town meeting, once explanation and background was given.


Woodbury voters approved quit claiming two parcels of land to two separate property owners, at the Monday, Nov. 19, annual town meeting at the Senior Community Center, although there were some questions on why the items were brought before voters.

Town Counsel Paul Jessel explained that the town could not prove that it owns the property and because of that, cannot sell the property to anyone.

"Therefore, it's very hard to charge someone to take property from us that we don't know that we own," he said.

Background Info

Woodbury First Selectman Gerald 'Jerry' Stomski provided the following background information in an e-mail prior to the town meeting.

The Board of Selectman, in 2008, brought forward a proposal at a town meeting to sell two parcels for $5,000 each, he said.

  • 138 Old Sherman Hill Rd.
  • 124 Old Sherman Hill Rd.

The motion passed to sell the two parcels in 2008, Stomski said.

"In executing the transaction, it was determined that the town failed to conduct the necessary Title Search on the property to determine the rightful ownership of the land, prior to bringing it to a Town Meeting," he said. "In 2011 the current Board of Selectmen sought legal counsel, with an opinion providing that the town should quick claim any rights that it may have to the land to the adjourning property owners, since no clear title on the land can be found."

"A quit claim says: 'Whatever interest I have in this property is relinquished'," Jessel said.

Ted Crawford is the property owner of 124 Old Sherman Hill Rd. He said hose family has used the piece of property in question for years for parked cars and he has no intention of allowing development on the property.

Sean M November 20, 2012 at 10:49 PM
The real question is why did the Board of Selectmen not do their homework in 2008 before the sale? George Hale is the only current member who was also a member in 2008. He should explain this immediately. Perhaps the Democrat Town Committee can write a letter for him so he can sign it again like with the political signs. Jerry has done a good job as First Selectman. He continues to clean up the messes that have been left for him. Instead of blaming his predecessor like Obama does, he just deals with it.


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