Woodbury Budget Fails at Referendum Thursday

Residents voted down the budget proposal by a wide margin.

Woodbury voters denied the 2014-15 budget proposed in Thursday’s referendum, defeating it by a margin of 288 votes, 715-427.

The budget voted on Thursday included a 3.92 percent increase in spending on municipal operations, from $9,463,255 to $9,834,579.

Voters approved the Region 14 education request in its second 2014-15 budget referendum on May 22 by a wide margin.

With Thursday’s defeat, the budget will go back to the Board of Finance for adjustments before being put to the voters again.
Sean June 02, 2014 at 07:51 PM
Page 4 of April 4, 2012 Board of Finance Meeting Minutes. http://woodburyct.org/meetings/finance/BOF%20Special%20Minutes%204-4-12.pdf ********"W. Drakeley (Bill Sr) said there should be some method to increase the pay plan by $5,000 to recognize the adequate leadership of the town. D. Fuller (Deb) agreed…” The idea was a setup by the anti-Stomski forces. But why let the truth get in the way of things. On one side you have people who put their name to their comments. On the Butterly side, none do. That in and of itself says a lot more than any words.
Sean June 02, 2014 at 08:00 PM
As for giving back the raise, where has Butterly given back as he promised during his campaign? The First Selectman's position as full time does not pay enough. The job should pay at least $80k. Then we can attract people with some marketable skills, as opposed to those who are propped up by families who want power and control. This whole nastiness is because the last guy refused to do special favors for people. Amazing how many sheep out there believe the nonsense.
Jerry Plant June 06, 2014 at 11:14 AM
I was not at the Woodbury BOF Meeting last night, but let me guess what action the Board took. They probably have decided to use the Fund Balance (Savings Account) to pay for the run away spending, to make it look like they have more revenue than they have. Then they can tell people that "WE ARE ONLY RAISING YOUR TAXES 1/2% ? " Wait until the town goes to borrow more money (as planned) to pay its way out of debt. (Great idea, must have gotten that idea from the state and federal government). See what the interest rates will be to borrow that money. What happened to " WE ARE NOT USING THE FUND BALANCE MONEY IN THIS YEARS BUDGET? " Yeah right. Just another couple of feet of water entering the sinking ship. Great job BOS & BOF. You should be real proud of this years budget. I encourage all citizens to defeat once again the proposed budget until the town can get a handle on their run-away spending habits.


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