Voters Approve Minortown Road Open Space Acquisition

If contamination were found on the property, there is still time to opt out of the purchase, the first selectman said.


By a show of hands accompanied by applause and cheers, Woodbury residents approved the town's open space acquisition of the Minortown Road Property, 115 to 29, at the Monday, May 21, annual town and budget meeting at the .

First Selectman Gerald Stomski addressed some of the concerns residents shared at a Friday, May 11, .

Potential Pollution

 "There were some questions brought up at public hearing regarding potential pollution," said Stomski, adding that the property was tested as a potential water supply in the 1970s, so he doubts the property is contaminated. "It was reported that there have been reports of potential contamination. We have been unable to find written confirmation of those reports, so those are rumors as opposed to reports."

He said a preliminary environmental study by a consulting agency did not yield any environmental issues. He said the town will still proceed with phase one.

"It will take approximately one month," said Stomski. "If something turns up, we can still opt out. We are very hopeful that there are no pollutants here and this is going to protect the town's water for years to come."


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Richard Snider asked if the town will pursue a phase II study if contamination is found.

"We would look at it, analyze it and see if it warrants getting a phase two study," said Stomski. "We would not go forward with the closing on it."

The phase one study costs between $3,000 and $7,000 and a phase two study would cost $50,000 to $60,000, he said.

Current Appraisal

Leslie Belval asked if it makes sense to get a more current appraisal on the property. Stomski said the appraisals took place a year and a half ago and said he spoke with appraisers on the matter.

"They said a year and a half is not a lot of time, especially with economic climate we are seeing now," he said.

Cost Analysis

  • Total Property Costs: $275,000
  • Grant from DEEP: $128,500
  • Total Amount Requested From Town's Open Space Account: $146,500
  • Approximate Cost Per Acre: $6,370
  • Total Funds in Town of Woodbury Open Space Account: $549,935
Sean M May 24, 2012 at 01:35 AM
And who voted no? Most of the people I saw are current Democrat Town Committee members and leftovers from the Woodbury First organization. Jerry did the right thing here. We need to make sure we have clean water given our wells. There is a proposal in front of zoning right now to protect certain aquifer areas, including Middle Quarter.


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