Voter Turnout in Woodbury Higher Than State Average

Read on to see which towns are in the top 10 list of towns with the highest turnout in the 2012 elections.


Woodbury voters had a good showing in the 2012 election.

The town saw a 74.84 percent turnout, and although that wasn’t enough to make the state’s top 10 list, it was higher than the 73.8 percent turnout throughout the state.

Out of 7,511 eligible voters, 5,621 voted, according to figures provided by the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office. 

Top 10 municipalities in Connecticut for voter turnout in 2012 (as a percentage of registered voters):

1. Bridgewater – 94.75 percent

2. Middletown – 89.86 percent

3. Ridgefield – 89.42 percent

4. Washington – 88.35 percent

5. Woodbridge – 86.94 percent

6. Granby – 86.22 percent

7. Bolton – 86.20 percent

8. Roxbury – 85.92 percent

9. Wilton – 85.57 percent

10. Killingworth – 85.35 percent

Voter turnout for each muncipality in Connecticut can be found on this list and is attached to this article as a PDF.


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