Video: Fifth District Republicans Debate in Brookfield

The four candidates vying for the GOP nomination in August discuss issues from local development to scandal to health care.


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Sean M August 02, 2012 at 02:17 PM
Roraback is a liberal who has no backbone. He belongs in the Democrat Party. Wilson-Foley is a liberal with a lot of money from her husband's business built on taxpayer funds. Bernier is a quasi-insider who will not have the money to compete. He is a good candidate, but Mark Greenberg is a great candidate. Greenberg is an outsider, which is sorely needed. He supports real and meaningful reforms like term limits and taking away goodies such as pensions and laws that exempt the people who make them. The Republicans were elected as a majority in the US House and it was once again business as usual. We need people who are not part of the DC establishment of talk a good game and do nothing. We need people with backbones. Mark is it.


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