Special Election Set for May 20, 2014

The special election for a seat on the Woodbury Board of Selectmen will take place in May.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo

It's official: Woodbury's special election will take place on Tuesday, May 20.

The date was set after the state signed off on a petition with 514 signatures to force the special election.

The petition, submitted to the Town Clerk on Dec. 20, challenges First Selectman Bill Butterly's appointment of Michelle Ecsedy to the Board of Selectmen. The Republican seat on the board became vacant when former First Selectman Gerald Stomski declined it.

Ahead of the special election, a primary on March 25 will determine the nominees. 

Candidates who don't win the primary, however, can still earn a spot on the May ballot by submitting either of the following:

  • A petition signed by 5 percent of their affiliated party challenging the nomination (roughly 150 signatures for the Republican party)
  • A petition signed by 1 percent of the total voters in town

Jerry Plant January 15, 2014 at 11:33 AM
Perhaps the Democrats and Woodbury First can hurry up an register another one of their democratic buddies as a republican to run on this ticket. Remember you MUST register them a republican three days before the election to be a valid republican candidate.
Sean January 15, 2014 at 02:53 PM
It would not be the first time that has happened recently. Woodbury Farce was in bed with the Democrats from day 1. It was nothing more than a front group for the Democrats because they cannot win elections in town.
Jerry Plant January 15, 2014 at 04:50 PM
This episode of "Town Hall" we find Larry, Moe and Curley playing, "Do Me A Favor Again". In this game Larry, Moe and Curley are repaying another favor at their meeting, ( January 15th. ), by hiring another LEAST QUALIFIED job applicant ! ( This time it's Mr. Coffeebreak" ). "Mr. Coffeebreak " has indicated to everyone that he knows the job that he is being hired for like the like back of his hand???? That would be an easy visualization for all us to believe in as much as " Mr. Coffeebreak " has had many years experience looking at the back of his hand, ( 15 yrs. I believe ) holding onto his coffee cup. Easy to become familiarly with the back of your hand when that's all you have ever done. Mr. Coffebreak currently has some very impressive credentials: 1. He has already smashed up a town plow truck prior to being hired. That's a first. Very Impressive ! 2. He has (with negligence), already allowed a worker to continually drive a vehicle even though the worker has a suspended license due to a loss of license from at DUI Conviction. ( No chance of a law suit there ! ) 3. He has indicated that he knows far more than Professional Engineers do designing bridges for a living. He really is smart ! Big savings ???? 4. He spends Way To Much Time pulling cars out of the brook which he stated, "because everyone would be running off of the road and into the brook, with the current road alignment". He really is smart ???? I believe that that number of cars in the brook at last count is nearing several hundred that we have had to be pulled out ! 5. The facility where he works will be cleaned up. Wait a minute ? Fifteen years of working there, never cleaned it up then, and the last guy did it in two weeks. ( Yeah, he'll clean it up ?? ) 6. He is an expert in preparing a budget using ExCel Spread Sheet (Not !) What exactly qualifies ( ? ) "Mr. Coffeebreak " for this position anyway? Oh yea, FAVORS. Yes, the game show, "Do Me A Favor Again". More FAVORS and counting! Again, Larry, Moe and Curley haven't disappointed us. You can't make this stuff up. Wait until the next episode of, "Town Hall".


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