Rogers, Stanton Answer Voters' Questions at Candidates Forum

Both the incumbent and challenger for Norwood's Mass. State Representative attended the League of Women Voters forum last Thursday.

NORWOOD-Many of the local candidates on the ballot for this November attended last Thursday's Candidates Forum at the Norwood Town Hall, presented by the League of Women Voters of Norwood, Walpole and Westwood.

Both candidates for the positions of Massachusetts State Representative for the 12th Norfolk District, John Rogers (incumbent) and Jim Stanton, were given three minutes each for an opening statement, two minutes each for a closing statement, and one minute each to answer questions, prepared by the League and submitted from the audience.

Rogers and Stanton addressed questions on the economy, immigration and education, among other things.

"Knowing that I represent hard-working families, I have been working hard for you and your families," Rogers said.

"I think that Beacon Hill needs to reset its priorities..." Stanton said, noting the length of time Rogers has been in office. "Twenty years is too long."

Both noted their small business experience, and their desire to improve the local economy.

"Government doesn't create jobs," Stanton said, saying that it is necessary the government reduce taxes and burdensome regulations on businesses, as well as make health insurance more affordable.

Rogers spoke on the Tax Increment Financing that can bring businesses such as Steel Art Inc. to the local communities, and along with them jobs. He said that the "two greatest words" to see was the "now hiring" sign in front of the recently opened Steel Art.

Both candidates also spoke strongly on the EBT program and doing away with the cash option.

Stanton said that it is a $400 mill. program that needs to be done away with.

Rogers agreed, saying that with the cash option, someone could get a tattoo or a manicure, or purchase liquor, or even get arrested and be bailed out with cash taken on their EBT card.

"I think it's ridiculous," he said.

When asked whether they believe in term limits for all elected officials, Stanton said that if elected he would self-limit to six years, or three two-year terms.

"I believe in the power and the intelligence of the voter," Rogers said.


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