Roberti Halts Campaign Appearances After Death of His Mother

Fifth District candidate announced his mother's death Saturday evening.


Dan Roberti, Fifth District Democratic candidate, announced the death of his mother Saturday, August 11, and an end to his campaigning leading up to the August 14 primary.

Kathleen Lenihan, 60, died after a 6-year battle with melanoma, according to a statement from Roberti’s campaign.

“My mother was an inspiration to everyone in our family. We drew on her strength, relished her wit, and sought to embody her compassion. She was a schoolteacher who challenged her students to make their world a better place. She set that same goal for my brother and me, always encouraging us to reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves. Her values are her legacy and will be our enduring guide,” Roberti said in a statement. 

Lenihan died in hospice care in the Candlewood Valley Health and Rehabilitation Center in New Milford. Lenihan was a schoolteacher in Bridgeport and was originally from Ridgewood, NJ.

In addition to Roberti, Dan, Lenihan leaves her son, Vincent Roberti Jr. and his wife and son, her former husband, Vincent A. Roberti Sr., all of whom live in Kent. 

As a result, Roberti will make no further campaign appearances preceding the August 14 primary, in which he faces Elizabeth Esty and House Speaker Chris Donovan, according to Roberti’s campaign manager, Erik Williams.

“Dan’s volunteers and staff are more dedicated than ever and committed to his success,” Williams said. “In the last days of this primary, the campaign will continue to reach out to voters and bring them Dan’s message of change. Dan wishes to thank everyone for their support in this difficult time.”

Funeral arrangements are still pending.


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