Obama, Celebrities Attending Campaign Fundraiser in Westport

President Barack Obama is set to attend a presidential campaign fundraiser Monday at famed movie-producer Harvey Weinstein’s oceanfront mansion, Courant.com reports.


President Barack Obama will helicopter in on to Monday, August 6, with hopes of raising millions of dollars for his presidential campaign, according to a report on Courant.com.

The President will attend a fundraiser reception at the Stamford Marriott before heading back to Westport for a gathering where about 50 people are expected to attend. Admission is $35,800 a person.

"The Dark Knight Rises" actress Anne Hathaway and "The Newsroom" creator Aaron Sorkin will co-host the event at Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's 8,900 square-foot home.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Joanne Woodward, the widow of Paul Newman, are also expected to be in attendance at Weinstein's 26 Beachside Ave. estate.

The six bedroom, seven bathroom (three half bathroom) colonial mansion sits on 2.33 acres located next to Westport's Burying Hill Beach and across the street from . The home was built in 1909, but Weinstein did not come into ownership of the property until 1994, when he paid $4.2 million for the spead, according to Courant.com's Property Line. Weinstein reportedly owns the neighboring property at 28 Beachside Ave. The value of the entire estate is $15.5 million. 

The White House reserved Sherwood Island State Park in order for Obama to have a quick and convenient entrance to, and exit from Fairfield County. The state beach will be closed for the entire day. 

"Motorists can expect traffic delays and momentary road closures in the Greens Farms area of Westport late afternoon and early evening," said Westport Police Captain John Calka. "Motorists are asked to avoid the area and use caution if they must pass through the area."

Westport’s Burying Hill Beach is also closed today due to President Obama’s visit tonight to Weinstein's nearby home, First Selectman Gordon Joseloff announced today.

Joseloff said he was informed today that the Westport Police Department relayed a request from the Secret Service late last week to close the facility. Signs announcing the closure have been posted at the beach entrance.

Sean M August 07, 2012 at 03:25 AM
Had a Republican President done this, the press would have been all over him. Obama gets a public park closed for a private fundraiser. Utterly disgraceful.
Frederick Klein August 08, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Wrong. Republican Presidents *have* done this. All candidates have done this. They all need money for their campaigns. If it's "disgraceful", then campaign finance laws must be reviewed again to make them more equitable. Until then, the candidates engage in as much fundraising as any other activity.


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