Donovan Turns House Speaker Duties Over; Malloy Responds

This announcement came today, Friday, June 1.


Governor Dannel P. Malloy released the following statement on Chris Donovan turning his responsibilities over to Rep. J. Brendan Sharkey.

"The speaker made the right decision today when he decided to turn his responsibilities for the special session over to Rep. Sharkey. There’s a lot of important work to do between now and June 12th, and then on June 12th, and the speaker’s active participation would have been a distraction. In terms of what comes next for the speaker, I urge him to give it a lot of thought, quickly, and come forward and speak to the people of Connecticut.”

Federal agents arrested the finance director for the campaign of Democrat Donovan, Connecticut’s House speaker and a candidate for the 5th District seat in the United States Congress.

Robert Braddock, 33, of Meriden, was charged Wednesday, May 30, by federal prosecutors with concealing the source of campaign contributions to the campaign of a candidate for the United States House of Representatives.

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