Connecticut Voters Give Big in Presidential Race

On average, the state donates more per person than anywhere else.


The presidential candidates might be focusing their dollars on the swing states, but the feeling isn’t exactly mutual. According to bipartisan campaign donation site Rally.org, it’s the less competitive states that have the biggest donors.

Connecticut tops all the states, with an average donation of $255, according to the Washington Post.  Washington D.C., Massachusetts, New York and Wyoming are the other biggest donors. Maine residents donated the smallest amount, with an average of $73.

If the richer states are donating what they can afford, that’s especially true in Connecticut. When for a fundraiser the cost of admission was $35,800.

A Quinnipiac Poll conducted in August showed .  

James Redway September 12, 2012 at 03:17 AM
The residents in the less competitive states have money because their residents are relatively wealthier, i.e. CT, MA, DC, NY. They are in solid blue states, except maybe CT, which is still leaning blue. Both parties are looking at the big picture, and trying to have their guy win in the toss up states. Thats where they want their money to go. The same holds true for WY. It is solid red with only 3 Electoral votes. Republicans are not worrying about winning WY, but gunning for the big prize… the 270 Electoral Votes to win.


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