Connecticut DOT Studies I-95 Congestion Pricing

Interstate 95 might become less crowded - and more expensive - depending on the action taken after the study is finished.

Depending on the results of a $1.2 million study by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, commuters might need to brace themselves for “congestion pricing” during peak hours. 

According to the Middletown Press, the study will look at the possibility of a "fast lane” to ease traffic between Greenwich and New Haven for drivers willing to pay an electronic toll. The study is expected take 18 months. 

In 2003, a congestion pricing system was put into place in London, England. After a rough first few days of implementation, the £5 fee reportedly reduced traffic jams by 40 percent and raised the average speed my 11 mph. The typical driver also spent 13 percent less time in a vehicle, reported the BBC.


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