Campaign Notebook: Independent Party Backs McMahon

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.



Linda McMahon (R): Despite a rift in the Independent Party in Connecticut, McMahon could appear on the election ballot under the party’s name. According to the Greenwich Time, both factions of the party endorsed McMahon.

Chris Murphy (D): A former Republican state legislator writes in the Hartford Courant that Murphy was sued for foreclosure before being elected to Congress. His campaign says that he “inadvertently missed a couple of mortgage payments” before sorting out the issue.


Fifth District


Andrew Roraback received the endorsement of popular former Gov. M. Jodi Rell. Now the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is using it against him.

According to the Register Citizen, the group is using a quote where Rell said Roraback wasn’t difficult to keep under control.



Third District


Rosa DeLauro (D): The New Haven Independent has a story on DeLauro’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. The speech was well received by at least one Connecticut delegate.

Wayne Winsley (R) went to a Financial Policy Council meeting in New York City earlier this week, according to his Twitter account.

According to the organization’s website, “our goal is to ensure that America retains an economic and regulatory system conducive to economic growth and wealth creation, and is not derailed by poorly formulated and reactive economic, fiscal and tax policy.”

Fourth District


U.S. Rep. Jim Himes and Steve Obsitnik might not agree on economic policy and other issues, but one similarity is that their campaign ads both feature their daughters. Himes’ new TV ad has his daughters saying how dad is “super against all that wasteful spending in Congress.”

In Obsitnik’s ad, he teaches his daughters about the heavy borrowing the U.S. government partakes in.

As the Hartford Courant wrote: “Issues, what issues! This election is about adorable children who live in nice houses in Fairfield County.”


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