Woodbury's Emergency Personnel Honored

Today — September 6 — is Firefighters Day in Connecticut. Cub Scout Pack 54 and Howard Gomme came together to honor the emergency workers in Woodbury.


Howard Gomme of Terryville was driving one day and heard on the radio about a day to recognize nurses. He realized there were days of recognition for professions like nursing and teaching, but not one for firefighting.

So he set about creating one.

Each year, he asks Connecticut's governor for an official proclamation declaring September 6 Firefighters Day in Connecticut.

On Wednesday, Sept. 5, Gomme shared the story of why it's so important to him, to honor firefighters.

"My grandfather was a firefighter," he said.

When the fire whistle blew, his grandfather would get in the fire truck and pass by Gomme's house, sirens blaring. Gomme would wave from the window.

"My grandfather was kind of one of my favorite persons," he said, adding that September 6 is his granddad's birthday.


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Gomme presented the proclamation to Fire Chief Janet Morgan on September 5, in a ceremony at .

Cub Scout Pack 54 wanted to be a part of the ceremony and honor Woodbury's emergency personnel, Morgan said. The Scouts presented plaques to the ambulance crew, the and the .


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