Smoke Alarm Leads Police to Man-in-Hiding

The smoke alarm situation and a driver who pulled himself out of his car after it rolled onto the driver's side round out this edition of Woodbury police news.


Smoke Alarm Leads Police to Man-in-Hiding

A smoke alarm going off at 63 Quail Run Rd. on August 18 prompted , Connecticut State Police and the Woodbury Fire Department to drop on by. When they arrived, a search of the home revealed a man-in-hiding who was allegedly in violation of a court order, police said.

Anthony Curcio, 46, of 63 Quail Run, was arrested on August 18 for the following charges:

  • Criminal trespass in the first degree
  • Interfering with an officer
  • Criminal violation of a protective order

He was issued an August 20 court date and a $10,000 bond. Officer Frans Dielemans investigated.


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Man Pulls Self From Car

It's no small feat to get yourself out of a car when it's rolled over onto its driver's side. But somehow, Eric Cunningham managed to do so on August 15.

Cunningham, 19, of 1 Cedar Spring Lane, Woodbury, was southbound on Transylvania Road at approximately 8:15 p.m. when he traveled off the lefthand shoulder at the intersection of Transylvania Road and Bear Hill Road. Police said his car glanced off a utility pole and ran over two mailboxes before rolling over onto the driver's side in the northbound lane.

Cunningham managed to get himself out of the car and had no obvious injuries, according to police. He refused transport to a hospital, police said. The car was towed from the scene. Cunningham was issued an infraction for unreasonable speed.

Officer Jody Rockhill investigated.


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