Police: Don't Bring Valuables to Greenway

If you're going on a walk or ride, don't leave your belongings in the car.

With the weather improving, Middlebury Police would like to remind users of the greenway and parks to leave valuables at home.

Every year people come to the greenway and the parks and lock their valuables in their cars. Additionally some people will open the trunk by using the trunk release in the car and place valuables in the trunk area.

The person will walk away and the criminal will break the window take the valuables from the car or use the trunk release and get the valuables out of the trunk. This has always been a statewide problem.
Most of the time the Credit Cards are used right a way and by the time the victim gets back to the car and calls the police the damage has been done.

Police also remind people to wear reflective clothing or bright colors to be more visible.

Lastly people should report any suspicious persons hanging around the greenway parking lots to police.

Information provided by acting Police Chief Richard Wildman.


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