Pistol Permit Applications Have Gone Through The Roof

The typical month sees 5-10 requests but since Newtown shooting, requests have gone up to more than 40 in a month.


In a typical month Berlin officer John Burns says he processes between 10 and 12 pistol permit requests.

Since the Sandy Hook shooting on Dec. 14 of 2012, Burns has said the requests have gone crazy.

"This month I have processed 10 and still have another 29 pending and it's only midway through January," Burns said.

In Rocky Hill, Marilyn Vardal in the Records Division processes the pistol permits for the Rocky Hill Police Dept.

"In an average month we might get five requests," Vardal said. "This month we have 36 pending."

Both towns follow the same procedures for gaining a pistol permit. Those requesting a permit must pass an NRA certification or have military training. They must fill out all applications and pass background checks in which there are many legal prohibitions which would stop the check at that point.

"If they have been convicted of a felony they are done right there," Burns said. "There are also a few misdemeanors that would explude someone from getting a gun like Assault in the third degree. Mental issues are also looked at so it is a pretty rigorous process."

The New Haven Register wrote a story saying that small towns have more permits by percentage than the larger cities. To see the story, click here.

According to the story, about 170,000 people in Connecticut have them, and the number of individuals seeking them has increased in recent years.

To see a graphic showing how many pistol permits are held in each town and the percentage of the population who owns a pistol permit go here.

Berlin is on the higher end of residents with pistol permits. In a town with a population of 19,866, 1,453 residents have pistol permits for 7.3 percent and the number is increasing.

Rocky Hill was on the lower end of pistol permit owners in the state. Rocky Hill has a population of 19,709 with 970 owning pistol permits or 4.9 percent. 

Small towns top the list of pistol permits by percentage.

Town   Permits Population Percentage

Canaan     167     1234         13.5
Union       103      854          12.1
Hartland   242      2114        11.4
Harwinton 646     5642         11.4
Hampton   210     1863         11.3

Derek Z Wathen January 24, 2013 at 04:03 PM
I'm confused, is it 5-10 requests a month, or is it the 10-12 that Officer Burns is quoted as saying?
Ed Froem January 24, 2013 at 04:48 PM
I noticed that Hartford and New Haven have the two lowest percentages of all the towns in ct of pistol permit holders. If law abiding gun owners (ie pistol permit holders) are the problem, then shouldn't these be the two safest cities in CT?
Matt Anthony January 24, 2013 at 05:49 PM
Good for you guys in CT. Here in CA the Sheriffs and Police Chiefs get to "decide" if you can have a carry permit. You have to show "good cause". In the large cities, "good cause" means you are a rich, politically connected, friend of the sheriff. The people have spoken, they want *real* protection. Not fake protection from a police officer 10 minutes away. REAL, right here, right now, protection. The gun ban lobby is blowing up in front of our eyes right now. They are going to fail, and have to concede that America wants real results, not pretend gun free areas.
Ed Froem January 24, 2013 at 07:31 PM
Harry says "No matter what it is the liberal loony toon left try's to accomplish, the opposite happens, healthcare costs and the economy, for example". The left wants to see strict limitations and fewer guns on the street (actually I'm being polite, only single shot weapons? Really?) the result, hundreds more permit applications and gun sales through the roof, net result? more guns on the street. The left want everyone to have a college education so they try to make one more affordable by providing low interest, and originally no interest loans and grants. Net result? College tuition goes through the roof, fewer low income folks can afford one, and jobs that used to only require a high school diploma now require a college degree, worsening further the plight of low income families. The left wants everyone to live the American dream of home ownership, so they provide low interest, low or no down payment loans through Fannie may and Freddie Mac, and by promising private banks that Fannie and Freddie will buy any of these bad loans the banks make. Net result? Housing prices go through the roof resulting in fewer low income families being able to afford one, and the resulting housing bubble and crash. But at least they can say they care.
Robert Mayer January 24, 2013 at 10:22 PM
Five on average in Rocky Hill, 10 to 12 in Berlin, comparing two different towns in the story.


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