Middlebury Resident Loses $7,500 in IRS Scam

Police are warning of yet another IRS scam aimed at area residents.

Middlebury police are warning area residents of an IRS scam in which a caller identifies themselves as an IRS agent threatening to arrest the resident if payments aren’t made immediately.

According to police, a Middlebury resident received such a call demanding the man pay $7,500 in back taxes from 2012 by 11 a.m. or face imprisonment.

The victim was able to raise the money and used ReLoadit money cards to transfer the funds to the caller, who identified himself as Special Agent Spencer Adams. Once the victim gave “Agent Adams” the codes, the fake agent picked up the money.

The victim’s caller ID recorded the scammer's phone number as 585-633-1814.

“This is a very frequent scam and most times the callers will have the local police department numbers to add credibility to the call,” acting Police Chief Richard Wildman said Tuesday.

The chief cautioned residents to verifying any calls from the IRS demanding money by calling the agency directly.


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