Dog Rescued by Kayaker; Coyote Spotted on Stevens

Seen any coyotes lately? A Middlebury resident contacted police after seeing one in their yard.


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Bird On A Wire

Susan Young called the on August 6 to report a large bird caught in wires on Southward Road. Animal Control Officer Jim Roy reported the bird, a red-tailed hawk, appeared to be fine and was on the wires.

Possible Poisoning

Renee Anderson, a Lakeview Court resident contacted police on August 6 and  said she believed her dog was poisoned.

Water Rescue

Naugatuck resident Sergio Silva's dog ran into the water at Hop Brook Dam on August 4, chasing a gaggle of geese. Silva called police because he thought his dog was in danger of drowning

While police and a ranger were on their way, the dog was rescued by a passing kayaker and brought back to the beach.

Dead Black Bird Discovered

A dead black bird was discovered in a Yale Avenue yard on August 3 and Monica Kjeldsen called police asking if the bird should be tested. She was told by police that testing was not necessary and asked to put the bird in a black bag and dispose of it in the garbage, police said.


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Coyote Sighting on Stevens

Larry McKernan of Stevens Road called police to inform them of a coyote sighting at approximately 10:41 a.m. Thursday, August 2.

Middlebury residents have seen their in the past.

Dog Attacks Skunk

On July 30, Middlebury police were en route to the state animal virology lab to drop off a skunk for testing. 

Yvette Merrifield of 180 Richardson Drive called police after her dog attacked and killed a skunk on July 30. The tests of the skunk came back negative, police said.

Skunk Near a Substation

On that same day of July 30, a caller reported a possibly rabid skunk near a substation on Middlebury Road.

kris August 15, 2012 at 12:32 PM
I live off of RT64 in Middlebury and we have coyotes in our yard every other night. Makes my German Shepard go crazy. You may get an occasional "bad apple" but for the most part they really dont bother anyone....
Jaimie Cura August 15, 2012 at 08:15 PM
Wow, I didn't realize they come around so often in that area - likely because it's more wooded, I'd guess... I haven't seen one at all in my travels!


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