[UPDATED] Manning Family: Henry is Still Missing

Police search for Henry Manning officially ends.


Though with their son, 17-year-old Henry Manning, who , the Brookfield youth has not returned home and remains in New York City.

and state and canceled the Silver Alert for Manning, however the family said in a statement Tuesday that they would continue to try to bring their son home:

We’re thankful to Brookfield and other law enforcement agencies, and everybody concerned about Henry’s whereabouts, and for the efforts they provided.

We met with Henry on Sunday in NYC but were not able to manage to get him home.

However, we remain extremely concerned for Henry’s well being and his safety as he appears to be homeless, sleeping on the streets, and was visibly in need of medical care for his . He was also limping, had a severe cough, lacerations, and most disturbing, disorganized thinking. Nothing has changed in our concerns that Henry is endangered, even more so now.

We are continuing to enlist whatever resources we can to ensure Henry’s safety and get him the proper evaluation and the care and treatment he needs.

Brookfield Det. Sgt. Michael O’Brien and Youth Officer Gary Gramling spoke with the parents, Jenan and Ralph Manning, Tuesday afternoon to “discuss their options and provide what guidance we could,” O’Brien said, though he declined to elaborate on the specifics of the conversation.

“The ’s investigation involving the disappearance of Henry Manning has been closed,” he said, adding that Manning is no longer considered a “missing person.”

A poster on “Help Find Henry Manning” mentioned that she has seen Manning at parties in the city and that he may be getting into more trouble than he can handle.

“Someone needs to come drag him home cause trust me, he’s not going without a fight,” said the poster, who lists her name as Kelsie Mystic Royaltyi. To her knowledge, Manning has been spending nights at acquaintances’ or in Central Park.

Royaltyi is in contact with Manning’s friends and family, according to the comment thread.

According to O’Brien, in most circumstances, a youth over the age of 16 in Connecticut cannot be forced to return home.

The original article appeared on Brookfield Patch. Brookfield Patch will update this story if and when any new information becomes available.


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