Top 10 YouTube Videos About Middlebury: From Museums to Madness to Memories

There's a lot going on in your hometown that you may not know about. And fortunately for us, some brave souls recorded it and put it on YouTube.


The Internet is a fascinating place and so is Middlebury. When you combine those two, you get the Top 10 YouTube Videos About Middlebury. The videos are included in the video section of the article, for your viewing pleasure.

So what is the Little People's Village all about anyway?

Is it a trolley-side attraction from the good old days or a mad woman's orders carried out by her husband? I'm not sure, but there is reportedly a geocache there.

Still want to know more?

So if seeing the little houses in the geocache video only made you want to learn more about Little People's Village, the next video is by the Devil's Hopyard. The narrator of the video calls Little People's Village, also called Land of the Little People, one of the most bizarre sites in the Nutmeg state.

Middlebury: Then and Now

This video shows what a handful of Middlebury buildings looked like years ago and what they look like now. It's neat to see how things have changed and how they have stayed the same. 

You can see what used to look like or whether looks that different from when it was home to Middlebury's pharmacy.

Exercising Is So Thrilling

Or at least, it is when you're at doing the "Thriller" dance.

From 1807 to 2007

Middlebury celebrated its bicentennial in 2007 and this video shows the places and faces of the town. It's truly a nostalgic video that captures the town's New England charm.

The Golden Age of Trucking

Speaking of yesteryear, the 1950s is known as the golden age of trucking. Middlebury used to be home to the Golden Age of Trucking Museum.

The museum featured racing memorabilia from , milk trucks and larger trucks that transported all kinds of goods.

This video shows the museum as it was when it was open and is a must-see if you either missed visiting the museum or if you want to take a walk down memory lane.

A (Hurtling, Speeding and Clanking) Ride Down Memory Lane

Do you miss the Mad Mouse at ? Something tells me the really psyched narrator of this video does too. 

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Oh, high school. Some of the most awkward and most hilarious things happened when we were in high school. This video, of Pomperaug High School's Class of 1995 at Grad Nite, will make you smile remembering how exciting it was to be, on the eve of your graduation, this close to the 'real world' and all its exciting possibilities.

Anything Can Be Fixed With Duct Tape

Watching students paddle around in boats made out of cardboard and duct tape is pretty much the best thing ever.

How Westover School Survived the October Storm

Us are tough: We weathered that pretty well, if I do say so myself.

At Westover School, the students and staff figured out ways to work around the power outage too.


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