'They May Have Eaten Your Ron Paul Yard Sign'

Patch readers comment on headlines from the region, touching on subjects such as animals and crime.


“Life is suppose to be sipped not gulped.” –

Naugatuck Man Arrested for Barbershop Beating

“Nothing surprises me in this town. Sad to say.” -

Oxford Tax Collector Leaving for Seymour

“Why is everyone bashing the republicans? The Democrats had plenty of time while driving this town into the hole it's in to change things.” -

“You made rather arbitrary choices of pets. Nixon's Checker's had more political significance.” –

Lyme Disease: It’s Not the Deer’s Fault

“Is this about politics or animal control and public safety? Are you shooting the deer in part because you suspect they may have eaten your ‘Ron Paul’ yard sign?” -

New Canaan's Newest Hot Spot Replacing Pine Social

“I hope they install perimeter cameras, retina scanners, and get the wonderful TSA involved for pat downs.” –

Hate Returns to Wilton High School

“What I find most disturbing is that so many people can no longer recognize satire, unless it's "clearly labeled" as such. Too bad they removed that nasty old racist Twain from the high school curriculum.” –

Man Who Embezzled from St. Barbara's Facing up to 14 Years

“I see nothing wrong with this - Easton is a poor town, he needed the money.” -

Animal Reports: A Dive Bombing Duck

“I think the animals are organizing a revolution.” –


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