'Romney is starting to look like McCain Part 2'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


Can Mitt Romney Avoid the 'Obamacare' Trap?

“One of Romney's problems is that he can't eloquently articulate why he's against the ACA. When he says that something else is going to be put in its place, he names things that will be in the replacement but that are already in ACA. So he has nothing new to offer. Romney is starting to look like McCain Part 2.” –

Connecticut’s Deficit Rises to $192 Million

“Compare this sorry performance of the State of Connecticut to New Jersey where they have had three years in a row with a balanced budget without tax increases.” –

Keep Your Dog Safe during Holiday “Run Away” Time


Selectmen Present Projected Budget Breakdown

“Time to vote these people out. They are our representatives not our rulers.” –

Mayor: Don't Use the Courts to Play Politics

“‘Legal’ only means legal. It has nothing to do with ‘right,’ ‘ethical,’ ‘just’ or even ‘moral.’ It only means legal until the law is changed.” –


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