'Please Set Up a Speed Trap'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


"WPD, please set up a speed trap, you'll make your quota and make my walks a lot safer." -

"He was just trying to be friendly !" -

"This is not a deal you make with someone who has done wrong. The town charter requires a unanimous vote of the selectmen to remove the CFO from office with cause. This didn't happen, so clearly there is no cause. So what is the motive behind Tetreau's move? The town has the right to know. But we won't. He will hide behind the secrecy of the agreement. Hopefully voters who were duped when they elected him, will keep this in mind the next time around." -


"I would rather have NEEDLES POKED IN MY EYES THAN VOTE FOR A DEM. They are all the same they all are TAX AND SPEND LIBERALS. But Ridgefield deserves him to go along with the other ANOINTED KINGS AND QUEENS!!!" -

"I come for the articles, but stay for the rational debate." -

"I guess this is good news but I don't understand why the previously quoted interest rate of 6% was nearly cut in half? In any case, pension bonding, even at 'bargain' rates, is still a very bad idea. The town needs to reduce the pension burden through union concessions, not capitulation." -

"My opinion is this: if a rescue is needed because of self inflicted stupidity- they should pay back the community. Lets use our heads. Kids will be kids, but a rescue puts everyone in danger including the rescuers. Let them pay or make the choice not to get into that situation in the first place." -  

"All is not well at the Oysterfest. Another major participant is bowing out of the food court. Ever since the Milford Oyster Festival Committee decided to claim for themselves the profit from the sale of beer, more and more NPOs have felt their effort was not worth the dollars earned. For those NPOs who sell only water and soda up on the Green, it is hard enough for them to remain price fixed by the Oysterfest Committee while food consessions operating on private church property or law firm property can set their own prices, thus undercutting the NPOs. A MEASURE OF FAIRNESS SHOULD BE RESTORED TO THIS CITY EVENT THAT BENEFITS THE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. DON'T YOU AGREE?" -

"A sign? An argument over a sign. Who thinks Monroe is Rodeo Drive?" -


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