Sherman Hemsley Dies: Remembering "The Jeffersons"

Did you grow up watching "The Jeffersons?" Did the show alter your way of thinking about race and/or gender?


Sherman Hemsley, the actor who played George Jefferson in "The Jeffersons" died today — Tuesday, July 24, at the age of 74, the Huffington Post reports.

The show dealt with topics not always discussed openly in society at the time. One such topic was that of George's transgendered friend.

"This episode entitled 'Just A Friend' from the fourth season of 'The Jeffersons' was groundbreaking in many respects. It's the first time that an African descended transwoman character was shown on TV who didn't fit the stereotypes we all know and loathe," Monica Roberts stated on the TransGriot blog.


First Interracial Couple

Roxie Roker played Helen Willis on The Jeffersons. She was one half of the first interracial couple to be shown on regular primetime television, according to the Wikipedia entry on Roker.


Did "The Jeffersons" change your way of thinking about race, gender or other factors in society? Share with us in the comments section.


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