Savvy Sunday: How to Decorate Easter Eggs Using Rubber Bands

Here's an easy and different way to decorate Easter eggs.


Update as of Saturday, April 7

I tried this rubber band technique yesterday and it worked great! I added the photos to the gallery so if you have try it and take pics, add them too!

After trying out the rubber band technique, one of my friends brought out duct tape and made fancy designs.

Original article:

There's nothing prettier than brightly colored Easter eggs nestled in a basket. When you want to add even more excitement to your eggs, consider decorating with rubber bands.

  • Wrap the egg with rubber bands before putting it into the dye.
  • Remove the egg from the dye when it's ready and let the dye dry.
  • Remove the rubber bands and voila! You now have a fancy Easter egg.
  • To dye your egg multiple shades, take off some of the bands before placing the egg into a cup with a different color.

Do you have any savvy tricks you use when coloring Easter eggs? Tell us more in the comments.


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