Saturday Style: What's Popular For Men in Spring 2012

Pops of color in unexpected places are all the rage in men's fashion this spring.


Hey stylin' men -- these spring 2012 fashion trends are for you. GQ magazine knows what's up when it comes to male fashion.

  • Don't forget the dust.

No, I'm not talking about cleaning here. I'm talking about taking a color trend that is popular for women this spring -- pastels -- and making it masculine by adding a dusty hue to the color.

  • Snag a seasonal tie.

As GQ says, wool knit ties are what men wear in winter. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the men's magazine recommends trading your winter tie for a paper-thin tie made of silk.

  • Don a fishing hat.

Think of it like a 'grandpa' style, GQ says -- cardigans and fishing hats.

  • Put pops of color in unexpected places.

Most people have a black or brown wallet. Replace that style trend with a new one -- color. Pick a colorful wallet to add a little pop of color.

  • Mix up fancy and sporty.

GQ recommends taking a dressier watch and replacing the band with a sportier one. It's the subtle things.

Happy Saturday Style!


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