‘Politicians and Diapers are Best Changed Frequently’

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders.


“If so many people are going to bring and or pick up their kids everyday, which is their right to do, then the parking and traffic flow problems around ‘all’ schools in Branford needs to be addressed! Are we going to wait until a tragedy occurs and someone is killed before something is done?” There are traffic concerns near a local nursery school. hopes something is done about it.  


“Politicians and diapers are best changed frequently and for the same reasons. Nobody fits this old saying better than the folks you list above.” In an article about what Connecticut’s legislators are up to, offers his thoughts.  


“I am a substitute teacher's assistant. I've been doing this for over a year now...I work mostly in the Autistic program in the elementary school. I can't get over how well the students treat the Autistic children that we have in our school. Always willing to come to class and read with them, have snack with them and say ‘Hi’ to them in the hallways. We have a mix of Autistic children... some full functioning, some not. It's pretty even how they treat them. I'm very proud of our school for how they work together. I wish schools - teachers and students - could all understand and work together. It's not easy... some days are very difficult... as we know these children are like a puzzle piece!!! Everyone is different.” A story about one elicited this positive story from .


“Oh well.. Now we know how bad parenting is. I think that cops deserve to give the kids a beating before handing them over to the parents just because of their stupidity.” Four teens allegedly stole a van and went on a joyride that came to an end after they flipped the vehicle on a soccer field.  condones a zero-tolerance approach. 


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