‘Our Educational System is Not Failing’

A look at recent comments from Patch account holders in the region.


“Our educational system is not failing. 10 years of [No Child Left Behind] has certainly made it appear like it is failing, but the facts are different. I recommend you read this article about how the media has not done its job and has instead taken the easy path to report the current meme.

http://www.ajr.org/Article.asp?id=5280” Are American schools failing?  takes the media to task for the ‘failing’ storyline that has reached national levels.   


“The boy was my nephew and I’m devastated...he passed today ...anyone who saw this guy please please get in touch with the police...thank you for your thoughts and prayers...he was an awesome kid with a very bright future in front of him...he'll be missed terribly.” A young man was killed in a car accident in Naugatuck. , apparently an uncle of the victim, shares some details about the man.  


“Really, the people in town government need to listen to the residents and crack down on Quinnipiac. I simply don't understand why nothing substantial is being done.” Tensions between students at Quinnipiac University and Hamden residents continue to simmer. wants something done. 


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