Letter to the Editor: Chimney Fire Prompts Owners to Give Thanks and Advice

The owners of a home that experienced a chimney fire the night of Tuesday, Dec. 20, expressed thanks to all who helped.

To the Editor:

We are the residents and owners of The Elemental Garden and I wouldn't be writing this if not for the incredible heroism of our good friends and neighbors across the street: Brian Bechtolt, Denise Hatfield and their daughter, Eva Grace Bechtolt.

The Bechtolt family was out on their porch last night and saw what was tantamount to a . We had no idea, as we were inside enjoying the fire and making dinner.

Brian raced across the street and pounded on our door, giving us ample time to throw a creosote log on the fireplace, and get our son, two cats and dog out of the house, calling 911 on the way.

The arrived in no time flat and were incredible in their knowledge, professionalism and organization. They sent men into the building to deal with the fire from the inside, and raised a ladder on to the roof to quell the fire from the chimney.

Fire Chief Janet Morgan was superb, as were all the wonderful firemen who worked to save our home and livelihood.

We will never be able to thank the Bechtolt family and Woodbury Fire Department sufficiently for their caring, timely action and all-around heroism.

I know these are hard times and nobody wants to increase the budget or taxes. But thanks to the amazing Woodbury volunteers that comprise our fire department and the special camera, trucks and equipment (paid for by the hard-working residents of Woodbury), we are safe and sound, with absolutely no damage and an appointment with the chimney sweep for tomorrow.

I'm hoping none of you has ever experienced the shock and terror of having a fire at your home and business. We tried to save a little money this year by not having our chimney cleaned (as we have done every year  for the past 10 years), but this is not the thing one should skimp on.

Get your fireplace cleaned… every year… it could save your life!

Thanks again to everyone who helped us out last night.  We are deeply grateful and blessed to live in such a great town!

Merry Christmas to all…and to all, a good night!

Tracey Young and Denny Kaylor, The Elemental Garden


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