Letter to the Editor: What is so Wrong About Purchasing the Minortown Road Property?

A Woodbury resident urges fellow residents to vote "yes" on the open space acquisition.


To the Editor:

What is so wrong with purchasing the Minortown Road open space?

This property could be used by the people of the town for fishing, hiking, rafting in high water periods. In the future, it could become a source of water supply owned by the town and used for the benefit of the town.

Who is against this?

The Woodbury Democrat Town Committee (WDTC), a.k.a. Woodbury First, is at it again. They, who to a member, have tried to suppress our right to First Amendment freedom of speech on the issue of political sign size in Woodbury since October 2010. They are now trying to fight the legitimate purchase of the open space on Minortown Road by the Stomski/Perkinson administration.

Wow! Back in 2009 it was fine and dandy for the Hinkley/WDTC/Flanders associates to give our Open Space monies to Flanders and pay $8,000+ per acre for just eight acres, which gave us limited access to that property.

However, First Selectman [Gerald] Stomski tries to purchase 23 acres at $6,370.00** for the town's fishing, hiking, possible farming, as well as possible source of water for the town use and the WDTC makes it a partisan issue once again.

Why are they on the wrong side of something which is good for Woodbury?

Ask them.

What can you do to help?

Please attend at our ~ 8 p.m. ~ at the on Monday May 21, 2012, and vote "yes" on this acquisition. Let's show Jerry Stomski and Barbara Perkinson we appreciate their efforts on behalf of our town.

Art McNally

** Acres: 23
- Total cost: $275,000 cost per acre — $11,957
- Cost to the town per acre — $6,370
- DEEP grant — $128,500
- Town contribution — $146,500 from the open space acquisition fund. This fund has presently $549,935 in the account.

Voice of Reason May 23, 2012 at 12:53 AM
Yes, good point. Hinckley/Hale gave away the Open Space monies to Flanders. Let us also not forget the Pezzo property debacle under the same Administration.


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