Jingle Jam Zumba dance off to help 15 teens have a Christmas this year!!
Jingle Jam Zumba dance off to help 15 teens have a Christmas this year!!
This Year StudioZ62 wants Teens to know how important they are in this world!! Recently I was told about 15 teens, 13 girls and 2 boys that will NOT have CHRISTMAS this year with out our help!! Teens are at such an impressionable age, they NEED to know how important they are to someone especially themselves!! They need to know how import it is to feel loved, to know that someone cares.....they need to feel what it means to get love from a stranger......when we show generosity to a teen...when we show a teen... love....we teach them in some way HOW TO BE........Lets show these 15 AWESOME kids how important we feel they are in this world!!! Lets make this CHRISTMAS one to remember!!!
On DECEMBER 11th 2013 at 6pm....STUDIOZ62 will open our doors to all of you and have a 90min ZUMBA Dance Party in honor of these AWESOME teens!!! The cost to get in will be a unwrapped gift for a teen girl (we have 13 of them) and a teen boy (we have 2 of them). Please open your hearts and remember that this season is about gods gifts...its about giving back.....its about spreading light!!! GOOD ALWAYS WINS!!!! LETS SPREAD GOOD WILL TO ALL!!!!


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