Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Outrageous Food, Singing Bee

Tonight's TV Picks.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, 9 p.m., ABC

Tonight’s episode is called “We’re Going to Go Guerilla.” I love guerilla with a nice buerre.

Outrageous Food, 10 p.m., Food

“Bacon bomb.” Get in the car, kids. We are driving to Chicago.

The Singing Bee, 8 p.m., CMT

“Pulled from the audience during an electrifying opening sing-along, six lucky music lovers compete against each other by singing some of America's favorite songs. From classic country oldies to today's biggest radio hits, the contestants need to know it all. Sometimes they'll need to sing a missing line, other times they'll have to fill in lyrics on our karaoke scroll, and they'll even need to know entire choruses, all on their own.” See, if it were not at all based on talent, then I would have a shot at this.


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