'It All Lands at the Feet of Chris Donovan'

From allegations of misconduct involving a politician to a deadly shooting, Patch account-holders share their take on the latest news.

Police: Two Dead, One Hospitalized in Triple Shooting [UPDATE, VIDEO]

"how about instead of rest in piece he rots in hell after shooting MY cousin and amazing woman & MOTHER of two children!! It absolutely disgusts me that anybody can say that they would mliss a man who would take the life of their mother and leave their 'children' with nobody, no parents."

A has left the community, including , in mourning.

Donovan Supporters: Where Does Key Figure in Scandal Come From?

"It doesn't matter who all the "conspirators" were in this matter or that he had no idea as to what was going on- Yeah Right ! It ALL LANDS AT THE FEET OF CHRIS DONAVAN."

demands accountability from the .

Town Council to Weigh Keating Ford Tax Break

"If they couldn't afford the project they shouldn't have proposed it. Now they want to pad their investment on the backs of the taxpayers? Get lost!"

If has his way, the council will reject a .

Dog Search Policy to be Discussed by Amity BOE

"High schools are NOT prison camps. Dogs searching students is a horrifying idea!"

That's take on a policy that would . Her take stands in stark contrast to that of , who writes:

"Tell your kid to keep his drugs at home, stop pressuring my kid as well as others and then they can 'call off the dogs'. If you think a dog sniffing your kid in school is tramatic your going to have a big wake up when your kid hits the real world."


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