'Charles Manson Proves the Death Penalty is Unnecessary'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


“Charles Manson proves the death penalty is unnecessary. He will never be free. California, the poster child for tough-on-crime gone wrong and nearly bankrupting the state, waste millions of dollars on the death penalty.” The death penalty in Connecticut has been repealed and thinks that’s a good thing for a couple reasons.  


“I agree with the people who are disgusted with the ongoing disruption of this beautiful little borough. And do most people know that 20% can bring a town down, just the same as a neighborhood. Each and everyone of us need to make it hard for those to live here, by reporting everything that you see that you think might be a crime, or drug houses you suspect. The police have to investigate when you report these things.” A recent arrest in Naugatuck has some residents, such as , fed up with all the crime.  


“Nobody wants any increase in taxes, which I believe we can all agree on. All politicians make statements of things they will do to get elected. This we all agree on as well.” The East Haven budget passed and some commenters are miffed that their taxes weren’t lowered as promise. reflects on the nature of politics.


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