'A Neighborhood that Looks Like it's Been Left to Waste Away'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

Bethwood: “So let me try to wrap my arms around this concept. The teen center is located DIRECTLY next to a bar, and DIRECTLY across the street from a brewery. However, Ms. Opper is concerned about a secured gun shop that will most likely be closed during hours of operation of the teen center. My question is, of the three (bar, brewery, or gun shop), which contains items that are mostly likely to be used/abused by teens? I'm going to go with the alcohol and not the firearms. I could be wrong...” A but the proximity to the teen center has attracted some opposition. Commenter chimes in.

North Haven: "Since moving here over 12 years ago, I have watched as building after building on Route 5 is abandoned and left to deteriorate. Would you consider moving your company to a neighborhood that looks like it's been left to waste away? Hopefully this will get our town moving towards attracting new businesses to the area." That's what  had to say about the town's blight ordinance that recently kicked into effect. 

Oxford: Is it against the law to fill your mailbox with concrete and then attach it to a steel post with wood around it so it looks like a nice juicy target....untill it gets hit... lol.” in Oxford and has a plan to lure them in.

Hamden: “Good for the Legislative Council to finally do something in the Town's and taxpayer's best interest. Now let's see them get the [Board of Education] in line, terminate the pension plan as directed in the plan itself, and negotiate and reduce all the other departments fairly.” Raises for town employees were unexpectedly denied at a public meeting. approves.


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