Where in the MasterChef World Was Arnaud Bourgeois?

After his stint on MasterChef, it seems that Woodbury resident Arnaud Bourgeois got bitten by the reality TV bug. Read on to see what show he has his sights on next.


After the Monday, June 11, episode of MasterChef, Woodbury resident and received a flurry of texts from friends asking: "Where were you?"

Bourgeois said he wasn't watching the show when it aired because he was in a meeting. As for where he was, he can't say: The show simply didn't air the footage of him.

"My friends are mad," he said with a smile. "I told them to relax; it's no big deal."

thought for sure they would air the footage the show filmed of his friend from Florida. But alas, it got no air time.

Viewers didn't get to see Bourgeois prepare his meal in front of the judges either. But, he said, they didn't give him an apron anyway.


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The experience was a fun one, said Bourgeois.

"My friends are asking me if I'd do the show again," he said. "No, I'm not doing it again. Not that show."

Which of course begs the question: Would Bourgeois consider a different reality show? Yes, but he wouldn't be going alone.

"The Amazing Race," his daughter Sophia said, referring to the reality TV show where a twosome competes for $1 million in an 'around the world' race.

Bourgeois is definitely interested. He just has to wait three years until his daughter finishes high school.

"She can run fast," Bourgeois said with a smile. "And I know a lot about traveling."

Stay tuned. Woodbury may have two reality TV stars in the making.


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