Unions Hold Rally to Show Continued Support for Donovan

But labor officials refuse to talk about the campaign contribution scandal that has ensnared one of their own.


Although it doesn’t mention who was forced out of three key labor posts when he was linked to a scandal involving Chris Donovan’s congressional campaign, a published report this week said unions still support Donovan.

According to CT News Junkie, union officials rallied outside the state Capitol building this week to show their continued support for Donovan, the Speaker of the state House of Representatives, who has long been a reliable vote for labor.

Donovan is running for the Democratic Party nomination for Congress in the 5th Congressional District.

The article said the union people also wouldn’t talk about the scandal in general, which erupted after Donovan’s campaign finance director, Robert Braddock Jr., was arrested by the FBI after he was caught in a sting operation allegedly accepting campaign contributions from an agent posing as a smoke shop owner and then attempting to conceal the funds illegally. Braddock denies he is guilty.

A court affidavit filed in the Braddock case referred to three unnamed co-conspirators, two of whom have been publicly identified in newspaper stories as Soucy and a .

Soucy was then removed as treasurer of the union for state corrections officers and resigned from two AFL-CIO posts.

Donovan told reporters he knew nothing about the campaign contributions,
and Soucy has declined comment about the matter.

Sean M June 09, 2012 at 04:24 PM
Donovan is as corrupt as they come. I find it impossible to believe that a candidate for Congress does not know personally anyone who donates $2500 and what they might want in return. Donovan has been speaker for a few years. He has overseen budget after budget that requires borrowing and fuzzy math to balance out. He is a long time union organizer who has no concept of the private sector. Then again, this is how the Democrats work. They pass laws that favor specific interests: unions, trial lawyers, and the like. Donovan is Mr. Special Interest and will bring more of the same to DC.
Rich June 09, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Sean has it right


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