UFO in Woodbury: Smoking Gun Research Agency Seeking More Info

If you saw something strange in the sky on Sunday, July 29, the Smoking Gun Research Agency wants to know about it.


Strange lights and orbs were seen in the sky in Woodbury on July 29, somewhere in the vicinity of 5 Old Grassy Hill Rd. and 60 Transylvania Rd.

The observer of said lights filed a report on UFOstalker.com.

, director of a Connecticut-based organization called the Smoking Gun Research Agency, reached out to readers in the comments section of the .

"Our group is always interested in talking with people who have seen something unexplained in the sky, and can use numerous resources to help determine if there is an explanation for what was seen," he stated in the comments section.

The SGRA posted a notice on its website on Thursday, August 2, and said its team is investigating the sighting and is reaching out to the community for any other sightings or information.


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"As of Wednesday [August 1]  evening, we are asking anyone who believes they may have seen this particular object, or have had other sightings in the area recently, to contact us through our website, e-mail, or phone," the SGRA stated. "Our team hopes to collect as much data as we can that will help us in searching resources such as local air traffic control records to determine if the object seen may have an explainable identification or not."

The SGRA can be reached at sgra@sgra.org or 203-987-SGRA. Information can also be sent online via the Submit a Sighting form. Nowinski said people do not need to provide their names.


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