'The Death of Neil Armstrong Brought With It the End of a Remarkable Era'

Neil Armstrong, hunks hauling junk and college grads who stay at home are just some of the topics that got you talking.

It's a tragedy that the Space Program has ended...The death of [Neil] Armstrong brought with it the end of a remarkable era...A lot of the innovations we enjoy today came from NASA. This country is on a slow decline to mediocrity. We are no longer the technological giant we claim to be. We are delusional. Writing code for Internet apps and smart phones will not advance our nation, it will only serve to allow us to use our brains less. I keep being reminded of the movie Wall-E, where society becomes fat and void of any form of exercise. Their lives served by machines and controlled. We need to break free of this and return back to those days of glory where innovation and out of the box thinking made us the greatest nation on this Earth. -

CT High Speed Rail Proposal Would Include Long Island Tunnel

“A rail line to Long Island, who would be using it, the fat cats headed for the east end to their 'country houses' in the Hamptons. More waste of taxpayers’ money.” –  

'Put a Shirt On'? [POLL]

“Hunks aside, please wear a shirt. Also please, women of a certain size do not need to bare their stomachs either!!! Let it to my imagination.” –

The Way We Work: Graduating Job Hunters Play Waiting Game at Home

“It never made sense to venture out and buy a home ASAP. Multi-generational homes are the norm for the rich or poor in the old world.” –

Group of Fishermen Nailed for Unlicensed Saltwater Fishing 

“I'm not going to get bent over this...The only reason why I would choose to fish in the LI Sound would be for my kids, which are exempt because they are all under 16. If I want to do some recreational fishing and pay for a license, I'll go to RI or MA and fish from the ocean.” -

Beating The Back To School Blues

“We'll pay the consequences for a generation of adults who are not fully who they can be because of missing out on crucial time to play, imagine and dream in childhood. Keep them home if you can. Homeschool if you can. Allow them to lead their education. Think of how many things you taught yourself. No child is going to get by not figuring out what's yellow and what's red or what the numbers are. Our culture is all around them. They always will learn!! And they will be happy.” -

Campaign Notebook: Candidates’ Wealth Becomes Election Issue

“I can not understand why we would reelect anyone to office that goes along with the concept that we must first pass a bill before knowing what is in it.” –

Fence Decision "A Victory For the People, By the People"

“‘How do you feel about the fence?’" should be a question asked to every Hamden candidate running for mayor and town council with their replies published in the paper and online.” -

The Way We Work: Jobs That Are Gone

“Some of these loss jobs are due to computer progress and others are due to plain old stupidity, seeding jobs to China due to DEEP and EPA regulations. What do they call the Connecticut DEEP and the U.S.A. EPA in China, job creators?” –

pradeep kumar September 05, 2012 at 02:58 PM
thank u so much sir


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