Selectmen Wish Middlebury a Happy Thanksgiving

This year, the Board of Selectmen are thankful for all the people who helped out during Hurricane Sandy.


Thanksgiving Day brings a flood of memories and family traditions to mind.  Thanksgiving is the time when all residents young and old come together with their families to give thanks for what we have.  It’s also a time to remember our forefathers who built up this great land and for those who fight to keep it free.

As a Town coming through the havoc of Sandy, we are thankful for the dedication of all of the men and women who work here in the Town of Middlebury; especially those who worked directly to ensure the safety, shelter and the restoration of power for our Town’s residents. These folks prepared themselves for the ‘long haul’ days before Sandy landed, up until last resident’s electricity was restored. Some are even continuing up to today with the clean-up.

We are thankful that Middlebury continues to be a great place in which to live where folks come together in worship, community services and even in adversity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Edward B. St. John
First Selectman

Elaine M. R. Strobel

Ralph J. Barra


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