Questions Continue Over Political Sign Restrictions

Town Attorney Richard Roberts said the only way to tell if the regulations are constitutional is to let a judge decide.


Town Attorney Richard Roberts told the Zoning Commission this week that there’s no way to know in advance if a judge will uphold its regulations on political signs, which are .

The Litchfield County Times reported that Roberts met Tuesday with the commission concerning challenges by residents of the zoning regulations, which restrict the aggregate area of political signs to 12 square feet.

Critics say the sign regulations are unconstitutional because they restrict free speech. Roberts said the only way to know if the sign regulations are constitutional is to wait for a judge to rule on them.

Sean M April 13, 2012 at 02:03 AM
Actually Richard Roberts told the zoning commission in two legal opinions that the current regulations on political signs are a problem. In the November 9, 2010 opinion, Roberts stated "regulations applicable to political signs should not be any more restrictive than they are for any other type of sign and the regulations must serve a demonstrable public interest in the narrowest manner possible." e current regulations allow commercial signs bigger than 12 sq ft. See 7.5.12.F, which allows 24 sq ft in signs, as one example. I have read all relevant legal opinions and the entire packet of case law that Roberts furnished to the zoning commission. The information makes it crystal clear that the Woodbury Zoning Regulations will not withstand a court challenge. Disclosure: I am an alternate on the commission. I speak only for myself.


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